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Board Governance Review

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
Electronic Patient Records: “Serious Incident Review”
An Internal Audit Report, May 2013
An explanatory note

1. In the interest of transparency and accountability, the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust (‘the Trust’) has decided to publish the May 2013 independent Internal Audit Report into the implementation of an Electronic Patient Records system.
2. The attached report, carried out by the Trust’s Internal Auditors PwC, was undertaken at the request of the Trust following operational difficulties encountered with the implementation of the electronic patient record system. The report describes failings in financial governance and project management.
3. In 2009, the Trust identified the need to replace the existing Patient Administration and associated systems. The Trust concluded that a fully integrated Electronic Patient Record (EPR) solution was required to improve patient services over the long-term and conducted a market testing exercise to select an appropriate product and supplier. The Trust commenced implementation of a new EPR system during June 2012.
4. During implementation a number of issues were identified and the Trust took the decision to suspend the project and commissioned independent internal auditors, PwC, to conduct a review. The internal audit report in May 2013 concluded that there were issues in financial governance and the associated project management.
5. The situation was reported to Monitor, the NHS Regulator, and they took enforcement action, which required the Trust to produce and deliver a detailed project recovery plan. Delivery of that plan has now been achieved and the Trust is now seeking Monitor’s approval to removal of the enforcement undertakings.
6. A subsequent independent internal audit report confirms that the Trust is fully compliant with the specific requirements of the enforcement undertakings i.e. that a sustainable recovery plan is in place.
7. Following a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for disclosure of the full Internal Audit Report (May 2013) and the Trust’s provision of a redacted version to the requestor, a complaint was made to the Information Commissioner’s Office and as subsequent Decision notice was issued by the body. The Decision notice is provided on the Information Commissioner’s Office website:


Although it is not a requirement of the Decision notice, in the interests of transparency and accountability the Trust has decided to publish the Internal Audit Report from May 2013 as it is being made available to the complainant.


For the full unredacted report please click here 


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