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Benefits of EPR

The Electronic Patient Record system has been developed to transform the way that patient information is recorded and shared, and to aid clinical decision making.  Once fully implemented, the system will provide significant benefits to patients, the Trust and the wider healthcare community, including: 

  • All hospital staff directly involved in patient care will be able to share important information about their patients quickly e.g. test results and diagnoses 
  • By having quicker access to patient records, including any prescriptions or allergies, hospital staff will be able to provide more effective care 
  • The patients’ health record will be updated with each hospital visit, ensuring their health information is kept as up-to-date and as accurate as possible  
  • Allows the collection and sharing of clinical information in a fully integrated system, so information is entered once only 
  • Supports the patient’s journey and treatment seamlessly across the organisation 
  • Easier co-ordination of patient admission and discharge 
  • Easier to flag patient allergies and alerts 
  • Quality of clinical governance increased  
  • Ability to keep patients better informed  
  • Availability of full audit trail  



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