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June Cadman, our Strong, financial foundations Award Winner 2015

10 Feb 2016 16:31:50
June Finance Winner 2015

June Cadman, Waste Management and Environmental Services Officer at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, was the winner of the Finance Award at our PROUD Awards 2015.

‘Strong, financial foundations’ is one of our five Strategic Objectives and outlines our aims to use our money and resources wisely. This objective encourages us to better understand the costs of delivering services, make savings safely and become more efficient, investing in quality and improving our facilities. We all have a role to play in ensuring value for money and planning well for the future.

As our Waste Management and Environmental Services Officer, June has implemented changes and has gone the extra mile to ensure that the Trust has exceeded all cost improvement targets when it comes to dealing with waste and meeting all requirements to achieve compliancy. She has overseen a radical step change at Rotherham Hospital and been responsible for new initiatives such as BART and GRACE bins which support colleagues to improve waste segregation and recycling.

June has also introduced additional measures that have improved waste tonnage figures, reduced our carbon footprint by lowering transport miles and increased revenue through more recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium cans.

Through her enthusiasm and support for improving waste management at the Trust, June stood out as a colleague who has shown particular commitment to helping us deliver our finance objectives to use money and resource wisely, make savings and become more efficient.

She said: “I have worked at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust for four years and with the support and backing of my line manager, Donna Jones and our Director of Estates and Facilities, John Cartwright, I have been able to implement new waste strategies which have resulted in the savings we have achieved. Within my role I am able to continually look for new ideas and ways of reducing waste and increasing segregation.

“I wanted to make the recycling of waste fun, which is why BART and GRACE were created. The schemes have been a great success, with recycling rates increasing year on year, but I could not have achieved any of this without the support of everyone in the Trust who have embraced the new strategies and ensured an increase in recycling and waste segregation.”

Donna Jones, Head of Facilities Services, nominated June for her PROUD Award. She said: “Congratulations June! I am really pleased that you won this award, it is a fantastic achievement.

“June has always delivered on everything she has promised and I have been really proud to have her as part of my team. Well done June, great effort!”

June said: “It was a surprise to be nominated for this award and I am delighted to have received acknowledgement for my work within the Trust. This could only be achieved with the backing and support from colleagues, working together as a team.” #TRFTPROUD

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