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Tell us what you think - Friends & Family Test

Would you recommend us to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?

Your feedback is really important to us and we want to hear about your experience of the care you received here at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust or in your own home.
The FFT Test is completely anonymous and there is the opportunity to ensure that your comments are not made public.
There are several ways you can tell us what you think:

Fill in an online survey here:  

I had treatment using a Community Service  
I was an inpatient at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
I attended Accident and Emergency (A&E) at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
I was a patient in a Maternity service at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust or a midwife visited me at home
I was an outpatient or visited a clinic at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust  

Tablet computer: Ask a member of staff from the Service you have used to complete the Friends and Family Test on a tablet computer.
On you mobile phone: Scan a QR code, found on our Friends and Family leaflets and posters, using your smart phone.

Why is the Friends and Family Test carried out?

The Department of Health introduced the Friends and Family Test in 2013 and we use the test in areas across our Trust. More information can be found on NHS England’s website here. (http://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/pe/fft/)  
The test is an important opportunity for patients to provide feedback about the care and treatment they have received so that we can, firstly make positive changes to further improve patient care and experience and secondly thank the staff who you have highlighted as giving excellent care.

The FFT question is asked to a patient following their treatment or a stay in hospital and asks whether the patient would recommend the Trust to their friends and family, based on their experience. Patients can rate their recommendation on a scale of six options, ranging from 'extremely likely' to 'extremely unlikely' and there is also an opportunity to give reasons for their score and to leave comments.
The percentage measures are calculated as follows:

Recommend % = 

 Extremley likely + likely 

 Extremely likely + likely + neither + unlikely + extremely unlikely + don’t know 

Not Recommended % =

 Unlikely + extremely unlikely 

  Extremely likely + likely + neither + unlikely + extremely unlikely + don’t know 


Our Performance
The Trust receives some great feedback through the Friends and Family Test and our performance is shown below. The higher the percentage, the more positively patients have rated the service they received.

Click the image below to see how individual Trust areas have performed.

FFT August16
The picture below is a word cloud created with comments received from our inpatients during August. The more often a word has been used, the bigger the text.

FFT Aug 2016 

Here are some of the comments recently left by patients completing the Friends and Family Test:

Wharncliffe Ward
Nursery nurses, Nicola and Jill, were amazing, so helpful on stressful nights. Midwives Jamie and Laura gave me great care, I couldn't fault any of the staff, they made a very difficult labour a lot easier to deal with. Thank you. x

Health Visiting - Kimberworth Team
Gave good advice on weaning, good clean setting, plenty of toys. Plenty of 1:1 time to talk.

Theatre Treatment Suite
Attentive/reassuring staff who helped our 92 year ol mum through an unpleasant procedure. All staff involved were caring and considerate. 

Dermatology Department
All lovely, supportive, repeated themselves which was appreciated as very deaf. Explained everything in depth made to feel like a friend not a patient.

When the Trust receives negative feedback or where services receive low scores the Trust's teams, led by the Chief Nursing Team, work hard to make positive changes.

How have we performed in the past?
Previously the Friends and Family Test has been scored in a slightly different way, using Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Click here to read more about this and to view our scores from April 2013 to November 2014. 


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