Radio Nightingale

Radio Nightingale is the radio service dedicated to Rotherham Hospital.Radio Nightingale Logo

How to listen

Radio Nightingale can be heard on 945 and 1350mw on a standard radio.  Radio Nightingale is also available free on Hospedia; you need to complete the free Hospedia registration process.  Radio Nightingale is on channel 6 of the radio channels dsplayed on-screen as 6:Hospital Radio.

Make a request

Radio Nightingale plays your song requests in all live programmes.  There are lots of ways to get in touch and make a request;

  • Look out for our ward visitors
  • Call at the Request Desk in the hospital foyer
  • Telehone 304244 or FREE from your Hospedia console by pressing the grey button

Want to find out more?

Radio Nightingale has its own website at

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