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Here we've listed a series of questions and answers which we hope will be helpful. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this, please contact Cath, your CMT Teaching Programme Co-ordinator on 01709 424543.

Who is the Director of PGME (Post Graduate Medical Education)?  

Dr Alison CooperDr Alison Cooper is the local representative of the Postgraduate Dean. She ensures that the Postgraduate Dean’s educational contracts are fulfilled and controls the junior doctors’ study leave budget. Her office is located in PGME on D Level where she is available for career guidance.

Who is the Royal College Tutor and what is his role? 

 Dr Tom Mwambingo(2)Dr Tom Mwambingu is the local representative of the Royal College of Physicians. He ensures that postgraduate medical education is in place within the Trust and is responsible for ensuring that the standard of education and training of Core Medical Trainees (CMTs) is both maintained and protected. He allocates educational supervisors to all CMTs at the start of the rotation and proposes candidates for the MRCP(UK) diploma. Dr Mwambingu is available for career guidance and general support.

What is the role of the Regional CMT Teaching Programme Coordinator?

CMT Teaching Programme CoordinatorCatherine Smith is the Regional CMT Programme Coordinator and is based in the Post Graduate Medical Education Centre. Cath provides a support service for the Regional CMT Training Programme Director (Dr Solomon Muzulu) and the Royal College Tutor (Dr Tom Mwambingu), also assisting the Associate RCP tutor with his/her duties. Cath maintains an attendance register database for all the regional CMTs for the eight regional teaching days per year. Core Trainees in South Yorkshire can contact Cath on 01709 424543 or email catherine.smith@rothgen.nhs.uk or alternatively through e-portfolio.

What is the role of the Associate Royal College Tutor?

The Associate Royal College Tutor assists the Royal College Tutor in his duties and acts as a representative for his fellow trainees. He also coordinates the Acute Medicine Teaching Programme with the assistance of the CMT Coordinator. The ARCP Tutor for August 2013 to July 2014 is Dr Katie Flint CT1.

Who is my Educational Supervisor/Clinical Supervisor?

Each trainee keeps the same Educational Supervisor for the whole year, while the Clinical Supervisor will continue to change every four months. This means your Educational Supervisor will have an overview of your educational training for the whole year.

The e portfolio will be configured to assign a single Educational Supervisor for each trainee as well as a Clinical Supervisor for specific posts in each rotation. In effect both Clinical and Educational Supervisors will have access to e portfolio.

When do I meet with my Clinical/ Educational Supervisor?

 Core Medical Trainees must meet with their Educational Supervisor within the first four weeks of their attachment, in some cases this may be incorporated into departmental induction.
At this initial meeting with your Educational Supervisor, you must complete the induction section of your e-portfolio and ask the supervisor to countersign your educational agreement.

Clinical supervisors for each attachment will agree with their trainees what can and should be achieved during the four month attachment, guided by both the Core and Generic curricula (www.jrcptb.org.uk). The Educational Supervisor should review your portfolio and working closely with you, identify any gaps in your training that need addressing. Audit/research projects should also be addressed at this meeting.

During your attachment you should ask your Clinical Supervisor to complete the records of your competence that apply to that attachment. It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you also have a mid-term appraisal meeting with your Educational Supervisor. At the end of your attachment, you should have another appraisal with your Clinical Supervisor and complete the relevant section of your e-portfolio.More about Clinical/Educational Supervisors.

How do I contact a member of the MRCP Tutor Committee?

Contact your CMT Teaching Programme Coordinator, Cath Smith on 01709 424543.

I do not want my name to appear on this web site, who do I make this request to?

All names on the web site are posted with the permission of the individual.  The CMT Teaching Programme Coordinator will write or ring you to ask for your permission prior to posting on the web site.

I have forgotten to sign the attendance register, what shall I do?

You can contact the CMT Teaching Programme Coordinator on 01709 424543 to ask for your record of attendance to be updated on the database.

How do I update my reason for non-attendance if I am not there?

A register is available at each of the sessions to sign. When you are unable to attend sessions, please could you ask someone to fill in your reason for not attending or inform the CMT Teaching Programme Coordinator; the Deanery will treat an unsigned register as a non-attendance and this will affect your ARCP assessment.

Will I be sent a copy of my record of attendance at teaching sessions?

A copy of your attendances is sent out every three months so you can update any missed sessions.  A copy is also sent to the Royal College Tutor for monitoring purposes.

What happens to the information on the feedback forms, which I fill out at Regional teaching?

For teaching held at Rotherham, these forms are forwarded to the CMT Teaching Programme Coordinator and a summary is collated from the results and forwarded to the tutor.  This is so the needs of those involved can be assessed and improvements introduced for future sessions. 

What happens to the bleeps during the four hours of protected teaching?

Medical Staff Bleep Guidelines dictate that the use of the bleep system should be avoided between 12.30 and 14.00 hours weekdays to allow junior doctors to attend training and educational sessions and take a meal break. It is mandatory for Core Medical Trainees to hand in their bleeps during Grand Round and Acute Medicine sessions.

What is the end of attachment feedback form?

At the end of your four months attachment, you will be asked to complete a feedback form regarding the post. This will allow the Royal College Tutor to evaluate the educational opportunities for that particular post. It is an assessment of your incumbent CMT. All completed forms should be forwarded to the CMT Training Programme Coordinator.

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