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AHPs Day - a virtual celebration

13 Oct 2020 15:28:33
AHPs Day 2020

AHP (Allied Healthcare Professions) Day is celebrated annually on October 14.

AHPs Day is an opportunity to learn about the wide variety of professions – 14 in total – such as radiographers and speech therapists, and how their roles form a vital part of the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust and the wider healthcare network.

We’ll be holding a virtual celebration on AHP Day, showcasing on our social media channels some of the fantastic people behind the various AHP roles in the Trust and learning how some of them tackled the extra challenges that Covid-19 has placed upon them.

Members of the public and local students can also hear and explore more about the range of roles there are within the NHS. Schools across Rotherham have received an information pack on the roles of AHPs within the Trust to encourage discussion and to help inspire them to think more widely about their future job choices.

In the videos for AHP Day, one of our Occupational Therapists, Becky Delap, discusses her role working with older people across Rotherham and another, Karen South, talks about the Trust’s newly-acquired ageing simulation suit.

Becky says: “As an OT, it is my job to improve and maintain a resident’s independence in activities of daily living. As someone gets older their balance and posture and coordination is affected, so how somebody walks and stands up and how they get from the bed to the chair or the toilet can be difficult and that’s what we can look at as OT.

“I love my job as an OT. No day is ever the same. I absolutely love working with the elderly and I enjoy working as part of a team. Making a difference to elderly people’s lives in a care home is a really rewarding job.”

Karen says: “The concept of the age simulation suit is that it provides an opportunity to explore and experience the impairments that we may encounter in older age. We use the suit as a training aid in the care homes to enable the wearer of the suit to relate to the challenges that older people face.”

We also hear from one of our Consultant Radiographers, Nick Barlow, who tells us about the changes the team have made recently to tackle Covid.

He says: “Like everybody else, Covid has brought so many challenges for the department. About 80 per cent of all patients come through imaging at some point so all the patients with Covid come through us and we’ve had to adapt our practice accordingly.

“Although it’s been difficult, we’ve been trying to keep progressing as a team and just try and be there for each other and us as consultants trying to use our expertise to guide people, to keep teaching. The radiographers have been really good as well, really open to all the different suggestions and the change in policies that have been happening. It’s really emphasised what a good team effort we’ve got in the Radiography Team here at Rotherham. And if anything, it’s made us even stronger with Covid moving ahead into the future.”

We will be sharing information through @rotherham_ahps and @RotherhamNHS_FT on so keep an eye out and help show support for our fantastic AHPs.

You can view all of our videos for AHPs Day below.