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Hospital’s new books speak volumes about health and wellbeing

24 Jul 2018 14:55:32
Library books

The Patients’ Library at Rotherham Hospital has been boosted by 120 new books thanks to the Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity and Health Education England.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust’s Library and Knowledge Service contacted the Charity and Health Education England, which provides NHS employees with the resources and skills they need, to request a host of health and wellbeing books. 

The extensive range of titles are worth £1,765 and cover topics such as grief, mindfulness, self-help, mental ill health and conditions such as prostate cancer, pain management and heart health. 

Isobel Satterthwaite, Clinical Librarian for the Library and Knowledge Service, said: “Thanks to funding from the Charity and Health Education England we’ve doubled our collection of books relating to health and wellbeing. It really is a great, free resource for patients, their families and colleagues alike looking for help with some of the major issues which can affect our physical and mental health.

“Books can be a really easy but powerful way of informing and inspiring people to learn more about their health and wellbeing and to make the positive changes they may need to feel better so we’re really proud of our new collection.”

The Library and Knowledge Service recently showcased their new titles during Health Information Week, which ran from 2-8 July at Rotherham Hospital. 

The health and wellbeing books were provided in addition to children’s books worth £465, funded by the Charity in 2017 to encourage families to share their love of reading.

Barry Mellor, Chair of the Charitable Funds Committee, added: “We’d like to thank Health Education England for supporting the Charity’s efforts to provide new and up to date health and wellbeing books for the Library and Knowledge Service.  

“The library already has a wealth of resources for Trust staff to support patient care and those studying for health related qualifications.  Our Patients’ Library also provides adult and children’s fiction, non-fiction, audio books and DVDs so the new additions ensure there really is something for everyone.”

For more information about the Library and Knowledge Service call 01709 427139 or email Library.HealthCare@rothgen.nhs.uk.  Patients and colleagues can visit the library on weekdays from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

For more information about the Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity please contact Suzanne Rutter on 01709 426821 or via Charity@rothgen.nhs.uk


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