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Top marks for group who finished foundation degree in a first for the Trust

13 Mar 2020 13:17:29
Foundation degree pass

A group of our colleagues have recently passed their level 5 apprenticeship programmes, which is a first for the Trust and its partner, RNN Group.

Eight people in total completed the level 5 Healthcare Assistant Practitioner apprenticeship qualification this year and will graduate from the college in a ceremony this month. 

The apprenticeship course was a pilot programme that saw each apprentice undertake a number of modules over the past two years while also working full time jobs. The final assessment included exams for the foundation degree as well as the national assessments for the apprenticeship programme.

Dawn White, Louise Connell, Cath Jay and Joanne Eyre all passed the course with flying colours and are delighted to have completed the programme.

Dawn said: “I did this as personal development. I’ve got family commitments, I’ve got work, my grandkids, husband, and the constant researching and doing the assignments, it was really hard. However, I am glad I dug in and finished. Finishing the course has made me a lot more confident than I used to be. I am a lot more confident with patients. I feel as though I’m equal now to everyone else on the team.”

Louise was nominated by my manager to do the level five course. She said: “There have been ups and downs and we’ve put a lot of time and effort in, hours and hours really. It is about prioritising and trying to get pockets of time to fit things in. If you’ve got a spare couple of hours it’s a matter of getting the books out and getting a little bit done and keep just chipping away at it.

“I’ve got a place at university in September if I want it and we are trying to get the funding for it. So hopefully there will be opportunities coming up.”

Cath Jay, assistant practitioner in occupational therapy, has been in her current role for 25 years. “I finished an NVQ in 2016 and after that I felt I wanted to do a bit more so my manager said this was available and I said I would do it. I felt I had a lot of experience but not academic qualifications to back it up so for me that was one of the main things as well. I hadn’t got anything on paper to say yes I can do my job.”

Joanne Eyre: “Like the others I’ve been out of learning for a long time and have been in the NHS for 18 years. All my qualifications were in-house so nothing formal wrote down on paper so it was a good opportunity. I found it tough going back to learn. It’s tough balancing a full time job and all the demands that come with that as well as being at home and having to maybe sacrifice some of the stuff at home like sitting down with the family to have tea because I just need that hour to get some work finished. So it has been challenging.”

Graham Travis, Learning and Development Apprenticeship Manager, said the variety of healthcare apprenticeships offered helps staff retention and makes a huge impact on the quality of training for staff.

He said: “The main thing for the Trust is to up-skill and invest in our own employees. It’s great for individuals and can open up further progression opportunities. The training, skills and knowledge received can contribute to gaining a higher level role within the Trust.”