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Safety First for Kath!

08 Jan 2016 17:19:59
Kath Safe winner

Kath Dannatt, Deputy Sister and Patient Safety Lead for Ward A7 at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, was this year’s winner of the ‘Safe’ core value award in the Trust’s PROUD Awards 2015.

Our Safe core value is about earning trust by putting safety first. It outlines our aim to; make people feel secure and safe in our care; take pride in the quality of care we provide; accept praise and criticism in equal measures and, if we make a mistake, our commitment to safe encourages us to learn from it.

Patient safety is at the heart of what the Trust does and Kath has been highlighted as an outstanding colleague who has raised awareness of this vital aspect.

Kath’s role is clinical Sister on Ward A7, a specialist ward supporting patients through the treatment of conditions relating to blood and blood forming tissues i.e. Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma. Kath’s day is varied from providing care for inpatients, to looking after those attending clinics on the ward. In the last year, Kath has also embraced the role of Patient Safety Lead for the ward.

Kath said: “I have worked on Ward A7 for eight years and have always felt I was doing a worthwhile job. Patients are at a very vulnerable time when they come into hospital and I feel proud to be involved, even in a small way, in providing patients with a welcoming and friendly face during these most difficult times. Giving them a hand to hold or a person to talk to.”

Kath was awarded the Safe Award 2015 as she has embraced her Patient Safety role whilst combining it with her day to day duties of delivering and managing patient care on the unit. She has also taken opportunities to develop herself and her knowledge and was the first to launch a monthly patient safety newsletter for her colleagues, which provides learning and education. Kath engages with medical consultants and other colleagues, ensuring learning through our clinical governance network.

Andrew Lyons, Charge Nurse on Ward A7, nominated Kath for this award. To Kath, he said: “Congratulations Kath! You truly have embraced your role as Patient Safety Lead and I have no doubt that the CQC’s commendations on our good practice in learning from incidents is directly related to the work that you have done.

“Well done again and I am sure that there is more good work to come from you in the future.”

Kath was very proud to be awarded the Safe PROUD Award for 2015.

She said: “The safety aspect to my job allows me to evaluate patients’ care so we can keep providing excellent care to the community. The best part of this, I feel, is being able to share my findings with my colleagues and build on these results to continue to provide the best and safest care possible to our patients.

“I feel very proud of winning this award, mostly because the patient safety role is a new role and a new challenge for myself. All the team on A7, including Andrew our Ward Manager and all the nursing staff, have supported me to develop my skills within my role.

“To me, ‘Safe’ means allowing patients to have a measurable tool of how we are performing as a Trust, giving patients confidence in the treatment we provide and that we listen and learn from all patient feedback to provide the quality of care that everyone deserves.” #TRFTProud 



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