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What does a Governor do?

 Governors have specific powers that are statutory (required by law):

  • Governors hold the Non-Executive Directors individually and collectively accountable for the performance of the Board of Directors.
  • Governors appoint, can remove and assign how much the Non-Executive Directors and Chairman can be paid and what their Terms and Conditions should be.
  • Governors approve (or not) the appointment of any new Chief Executive.
  • Governors appoint and, if appropriate, remove our External Auditor.
  • Governors receive our annual accounts, our auditor's report and annual report.
  • Represent the interests of the members of the Trust as a whole and the interests of the public 
  • Governors present views to the Board of Directors on the development of our plans and significant changes to the services we provide.
  • Approve significant transactions.
  • Governors approve any proposed amendments to the Constitution.  
  • Approve any proposed mergers and acquisitions or separations.

Governors don't just have statutory responsibilities, they can have a wider influence both within and outside of the Foundation Trust.

Governors also:

  • Represent the interests and views of our Trust Members in their constituency
  • Play an ambassadorial role, representing the interests of the Trust and adhering to its values
  • Assist with Member recruitment
  • Contribute content for our Member communications, surveys and consultations
  • Attend Member meetings, events and talks
  • Attend local events on behalf of the Trust
  • Provide an important link with the local community.

 For more information on the statutory duties of NHS Foundation Trust Governors please click here. 

 Our Lead Governor, Dennis Wray (Rother Valley West) 

 Dennis Wray  

 “One of the most important elements of being a Governor is that we are accountable to the public and to the users of our services…“ Dennis Wray, Lead Governor 

 Dennis has supported the Trust as Public Governor for the Rother Valley West constituency since 2008 and amongst other aspects of his role, sits on the Trust’s Patient Safety and Experience Governor Group and serves on the Awards Nominations Committee. In 2015, Dennis was elected as the new Lead Governor for the Trust. He said: “I was very happy to have the support of the Council of Governors in becoming Lead Governor.

“It is a daunting task taking over as Lead Governor but I am look forward to the challenges ahead and working with both our new and serving governors in helping to progress the Trust’s objective to provide first class healthcare to the people of Rotherham.”

Formally from Bradford, Dennis has lived in Aston for the past 36 years. After retiring from the telecommunications industry, he decided to stand as a Governor in order to represent the general public in maintaining and enhancing the services that the Trust provides.

Dennis said: “Many people are deterred from becoming a Governor because they have either not worked for, or have little knowledge of the NHS. This should not deter anyone from standing for election. Coming into the role as a stranger to the workings of the NHS, I was able to assess and evaluate with a fresh pair of eyes, with no pre-conceived ideas, which can be a very positive influence in the Council of Governors.

“Being a Governor places you in a position whereby you can influence the future direction of the Trust and the way it provides both hospital and community services. By participating in Governor meetings, Governor committees and observing the Trust’s Board of Directors, Governors are able to gain a wider appreciation and understanding of the many elements which make up our wide range of services.

 “We are the direct conduit between the Trust and the interests and views of local people and it can be very rewarding knowing that you are directly participating in the future of healthcare for the local community.

“I look forward to meeting the new Governors which are appointed during this year’s election. If the Governor role is not for you, please take the time to vote for those who you feel will be instrumental in helping to shape the future of the Trust and the services it provides”


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