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Mr Kingsley Paul Draviaraj

Kingsley Paul

Appointed: 2010

Specialty: Orthopeadic Surgery


Department: Orthopaedics

Location: Theatres

Phone: 01709 427398

Email: rgh-tr.draviaraj.sec@nhs.net


Secretary Phone: 01709 427398

Personal Statement: Mr Kingsley Paul Draviaraj, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, specialises in the following procedures:

- Arthroscopic shoulder instability repair (for dislocations)
- Arthroscopic SLAP repair
- Arthroscopic subacromial decompression/AC joint reconstruction
- Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
- Arthroscopic capsular release(for frozen shoulder)
- Shoulder replacements (total shoulder, Hemi arthroplasty, resurfacing, reverse shoulder replacements)
- Shoulder trauma/injuries

- Arthroscopy of the elbow (for elbow arthritis)
- Surgery for tennis elbow and golfers elbow
- Cubital tunnel surgery ( trapped nerve in the elbow)
- Elbow replacements
- Revision elbow replacements
- Elbow ligament injuries
- Elbow fractures
- Biceps tendon reattachment