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Mr Stuart Richards


Appointed: 2009

Specialty: Ear, Nose and Throat

Subspecialty: Thyroid, Voice, Head and neck.

Department: ENT

Location: Level C, Outpatients




Secretary Phone: 01709 304558

Personal Statement:

I trained in Ear, Nose and Throat in both Yorkshire and Manchester and developed my subspecialty interest in thyroid surgery by studying at the University Hospital in Prague under Professor John Betka.  I provide a thyroid surgery service in collaboration with the Trent thyroid multi discplinary team.

I lead the head and neck service, providing local services for the population but with close working with the Trent regional head and neck multi-disciplinary team.  I also work closely with Juliet Lunn our Specialist Nurse to provide local care for our cancer patients.

I have set up a fast-track neck lump service to allow clinical assessment and scanning in the X-Ray department, all on the same Wednesday morning.

I run a multi-disciplinary voice service with the speech therapy department, utilising the latest videology and videostroboscopy techniques to provide an individual treatment plan for every patient including laser surgery and voice therapy.

I am interested in education and teaching.  My interest started as a registrar when I set up a mentoring scheme for my colleagues.  I am now involved in undergraduate and post-graduate teaching and examining and I assess courses for ENT work.

I believe that NHS provides some of the best care worldwide, free at the point of delivery.  This hospital is responsible for delivering first class care to our patients and I strive to ensure my patients receive the best.