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Hospital lighting makes us more efficient

09 Sep 2010 09:30:21

Rotherham Hospital is pioneering a Forward Commitment Procurement Project on behalf of the Department of Health and the Department of Business Innovation and Skills. The aim of the project is to make lighting more efficient and save money whilst enhancing patient experience.

Every year, the Trust uses about 21% of its overall electricity consumption on lighting, so any reduction in costs will also help to cut the Trust’s carbon footprint.

As part of the Ultra Efficient Lighting (UEL) project, patients, staff and visitors have been asked to take part in a feedback questionnaire that will help the Trust plan what type of lighting it will use in the future, to create a better patient and staff experience whilst reducing the impact of its business activities on the community.

Head of Procurement, Steph Holmes explains: “We want to ask our patients about the best solution for them and make sure we are reacting to their needs whilst saving money for the Trust.

We will give lighting companies a wish list or set of challenges identified by patients to see what they can design. The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust is the first Trust in the UK to look at how lighting can be more efficient and we are talking directly to patients about how they would like our lighting to behave. Our aim is to create a more pleasant healing environment where patients are in control of bed zone lighting levels and ambience.”

Steph added: “The NHS is going to be under increasing financial pressure to deliver new and innovative solutions and we want to make sure we offer the best possible environment for our patients and they feel in control. Rather than just buying the products on the market now, we decided to commission experts to deliver something really progressive and look at what our perfect lighting could look like.”

The NHS has set tough targets to reduce carbon and is aiming to save 10% of its total energy bill by 2012. The Trust is working hard to achieve this and has also recently installed a new combined heat and power plant which can generate more than 60% of the electricity needed to run the hospital as well as reducing its carbon footprint by more than 1500 tonnes per year.

“We want to do everything we can to save money and reduce our carbon footprint,” explained John Cartwright, Director of Estates and Facilities.

“We’re hoping this project will help us to substantially cut costs and save energy. Plus we would like to help steer the lighting market of the future, making it more consumer driven and better value for the NHS. As the NHS market lead for this project, we will be playing an important role in reviewing new lighting technology solutions that will benefit Rotherham patients as well as the health sector as a whole.”

Staff and volunteers have been visiting wards recently collecting feedback which will help the Trust to plan the lighting it will use in the future, save money and help the environment.

Find out more about Forward Commitment Procurement.


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