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Cut the calories with Reshape

13 Sep 2010 15:51:43

 Rotherham residents have been getting a bit of extra help to eat healthier, lose weight and get fit on the hospital’s Reshape programme.

John Burgin, 50, from North Anston joined the ten week programme in January and has managed to lose more than three and a half stone with his healthier diet and lifestyle. He says:

“I feel much wiser about food now and I am more careful about what I eat. It has been a massive challenge to lose the weight but I feel much healthier now. Since Reshape, I’ve cut down on portion sizes - I also never used to eat breakfast, but now I eat cereal every morning and it helps me to stay full.

“I couldn’t have done it without help from the Reshape team - they have given me lots of support and the motivation to succeed.”

John used to be a long distance lorry driver and attributes much of his weight gain to being stationary for long periods of time, but he says:

“Thanks to the programme I am walking more and am more active now which has helped me to
lose six inches off my waist. My friends and family can’t believe I’ve done it and my 16 year old
daughter Jane is over the moon I’ve lost so much!”

Hundreds of people have been through the Reshape Rotherham programme which launched in September 2009 and have so far achieved a combined weight loss of over 1,355 lbs (almost 97

Weight Management Team Leader Alyson Fedak, says: “Losing weight can make a big difference to people’s health and quality of life and although it’s been a challenge for them we have seen real dedication and commitment from the groups.

We are starting to see some really fantastic results and this is encouraging for everyone involved.

Shedding the pounds is not easy especially when you have a lot to lose or a job that keeps you stationary for long periods of time.”

If you would like to find out more about or join the free Reshape programme or join see Reshape Rotherham


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