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EPR: The verdict so far!

29 Nov 2010 11:26:06

Staff across the Trust have grabbed the chance to find out what the new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system will look like and how it will work.

Set to launch next year, the EPR system will allow the storing and sharing of patients’ clinical and administrative information in a safe and secure electronic record – improving the safety and quality of patient care.

The EPR demo room opened in October, offering demonstrations suitable for both clinical and non-clinical staff who will be using the system. These demos included aspects of the system which are now set up, with clinical staff being able to look at ordering tests, prescribing and assessments and non-clinical staff being able to look at how to register patients, record a referral and make an outpatient’s appointment.

The demonstration sessions have been very successful, with over 160 staff calling in so far to find out what EPR will look like. Cheryl Swift, a Sister in the Photopheresis Unit (Haemotology) called in to one of the sessions with some of her nursing colleagues. She said: “These demo sessions have given us a good idea of what the EPR system will look like and a better understanding of what it will involve. Like anything that’s new it seems daunting at first, though the more you use it I’m sure the easier it will be. I am looking forward to the actual training which will help us use the system specifically for our departments. I can see that EPR will improve the confidentiality of patients’ records and the system will give us more time for patient care, rather than sitting writing! The mobile unit also seems ideal for using in the wards and will allow us to involve the patients more in their care. So far we are quite impressed!”

Angela Scott is the Trust’s IT & EPR Training Manager and has helped organise the demo sessions. She said: “We are really pleased with the excellent turnout at these demo sessions – this shows just how keen our staff are to find out about EPR and how it will help them and improve patient care. I think for many the realisation has hit them that EPR is just around the corner and will definitely affect them!”

“We have already learnt many lessons from these sessions, which will help us to resolve issues now, to make things easier when we go live. The great thing is that staff are really starting to see the benefits of everyone having access to the same level of information and point of care - many see the EPR system as good progress and the right thing to do.

“We are continuing to hold demos sessions for the foreseeable future and would like to encourage staff to come along if they haven’t done so already. As well as providing a great introduction to EPR, these sessions will also make it easier for staff before they start training.”

Raied Abdul-Karim, the Trust’s Director of Technology and EPR said: “The EPR team is keen to get front line staff involved by raising awareness, demonstrating the system functionality and the new ways of working to all staff. The demo room sessions have proved to be a great way of doing this.”


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