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Trust gets feedback from patients about their care

21 Sep 2011 13:45:33

For the second year running, the Trust conducted a ‘One Day Every Patient’ survey across all adult inpatient wards using the Patient Experience Tracker to capture patients’ views on specific aspects of their care. Thanks to staff and volunteers, the Trust was able to speak individually to more than 350 patients and gain first-hand feedback. 

Staff spoke to patients about five key areas identified for improvement in the Trust’s 2010 National Inpatient Survey results. Group Nurse, Moira Hardy, who organised the Trust wide project, explained: “Some aspects of patient care can always be improved upon and asking questions regarding those specific areas provides immediate feedback that can be addressed. 

“A lot of work has been undertaken in the previous year to ensure that the hospital is compliant with mixed sex accommodation. This has focused on sleeping arrangements and Toilet facilities so we have used the survey to ask about bathing facilities and if bathrooms or Shower rooms are appropriately labelled i.e. Male / Female. 

“We have continued to ask if patients have seen posters or leaflets explaining how to complain about their care, as despite having posters at the entrance to each ward, we have sometimes found that patients don’t always know how to raise concerns. Work undertaken with the Ward Nursing Accreditation System showed that patients feel they don’t always receive sufficient information in relation to their condition or treatment. This was therefore used as a question for patients, so they could tell us whether we give not enough, too much or the right amount of information. All the information gathered will be analysed and will feed into the on-going work to improve patient care at the Trust.” 

John Bramley, a patient on the Specialist Medicine Ward, said: “The survey is a very good idea and it assists the fantastic work that the staff do. I have been here for some weeks now and the staff are very dedicated.” 

This project builds on the previous work by staff as part of the Patient Experience Strategy which aims to improve the experience for all patients’ at the Trust. 


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