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Come dine with us

12 Apr 2012 09:27:44

Rotherham Hospital has extended an invitation to local people to come dine with them. 

Tasty, nutritious, healthy food, cooked on-site, is served daily in the Rooftop Restaurant at Rotherham Hospital, part of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust (TRFT). 

Rotherham’s Councillor Hilda Jack, visited a ‘Come dine with us’ themed event in Community Corner at Rotherham Hospital recently to sample some of the food for herself. Cllr Jack, who also is the Chair of the Rotherham Health Overview and Scrutiny Select Commission, commented: “I can’t fault the food I have tasted today, its been lovely.  

“It is great to come to the hospital to learn more about the food served to patients, visitors and members of the public and I am glad that other members of the Rotherham community have also taken the chance to try the food.”  

Through her role with the health commission Cllr Jack aims to promote the importance of local organisations, such as the Trust, working in partnership to highlight the importance of public health. She added: “I would like to encourage members of Rotherham communities to look after themselves and, in my opinion, a good diet is key to this.” 

Food served up at the event included a delicious stir fry served with rice and more traditional offerings such as sausage and mash. There was even a tasty bread and butter pudding available as well as a rice pudding. 

The same wide variety of high quality food served in the restaurant is delivered to patients staying in hospital each mealtime. 

Rotherham Hospital’s catering service, run by ISS Mediclean, prepares 660 meals for staff, patients and members of the public each mealtime. 

Martin Beaumont, Catering Manager for ISS Mediclean, commented: “There is a myth that hospital food is tasteless and of poor quality but the comments from people at the event today and feedback from people using our restaurant say otherwise.  

“We serve a wide variety of dishes, all of which are prepared to high standards and are nutritionally balanced. We work very closely with the Trusts Dieticians on all aspects of nutrition.” 

A healthy and balanced diet can help to combat issues such as obesity which can lead to health complications. A good diet helps to keep people well and has been shown to speed up recovery in some patients. It is also important that people recovering from illnesses have sufficient fuel in their bodies to help combat ailments. A balanced diet is important to ensure that the body gets all of the vitamins and nutrition it needs to function well. 

‘Come dine with me’ at Rotherham Hospital is an annual event and part of a continual approach to ensuring high quality standards for all patients, visitors and members of the public.   

Comments from visitors to the hospital who tried the food on the day include: “Looks and tastes just like the food my grandma used to cook!” 

“Excellent Fresh and tasty food. Well cooked!” 

“Excellent food. Has made me change my mind about hospital food.” 

“Very nice food. Very different from my last experience of hospital food 30 years ago!” 

“Gluten free option was very good!” 


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