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Workforce restructuring at TRFT

26 Oct 2012 14:50:25

The NHS along with all Public Sector organisations continues to face a very challenging financial future as a result of the economic downturn. This has impacted on the affordability of Public Services including the NHS, which is expected to improve its efficiency by £20Bn by 2014.  All NHS services therefore have to radically review their operating practices in order to reduce costs, whilst at the same time maintaining quality of service in the face of rising demand and higher expectations, and the Trust is not immune from the impact of those reductions. 

As we seek to make savings from every part of the organisation, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust (TRFT) is exploring options in order to achieve necessary savings. The main focus of this is on opportunities for workforce reductions through first and foremost, natural turnover, Voluntary Redundancy (VR) and Mutually Agreed Resignation (MAR) schemes; however one of the options is a reduction in workforce expenditure in the form of a compulsory redundancy proposal. The Trust will follow its robust HR processes in any implementation of proposals that affect our staff. 

Brian James, Chief Executive says: 

“The NHS continues to face tough times financially and TRFT therefore needs to identify ways to continue to improve our services for patients whilst being even more efficient.  Our staff are our biggest asset, but also our biggest cost. We lose approximately 250 posts every year in natural turnover and we are concentrating on this, and on VR and MARS to try and reduce the number impacted by CR as we have done since 2011 when we announced the £50 million cost reductions. By March 2013 the Trust will have saved £20 million of its £50 million target with a minimum number of staff departing under CR. 

“We are exploring how to best manage and substantially reduce our costs whilst ensuring we continue to provide quality healthcare and fulfil our commitment to the people of Rotherham to build a healthier future together.” 

Please note: The Trust have made no formal announcement around redundancies or officially launched any consultation process until all departments have concluded cost reduction plans.  


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