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Help us to keep waiting times low

29 Jan 2013 13:29:10



The Rotherham NHS Foundation actively takes measures to ensure that patients attend their appointments at the hospital. 

Rotherham Hospital has between 2% and 3% of appointments which are subject to patients not attending – these are called ‘Do Not Attends’ (DNAs).  The category of the patients who are most likely to be DNAs are those in the middle age range (aged 45-65). We would ask that people do their utmost to ensure that they contact the hospital if they know that they will not be attending their appointment for an elective surgical procedure. 

As to the reasons why do patients miss or cancel their appointments, this can be due to fear and anxiety about a procedure, coughs/colds or other minor illnesses and generally forgetting to attend. 

In order to ensure that valuable appointments are attended by patients, the Pre-Admissions Centre telephones patients prior to their scheduled appointment to ask them if they have a cough or cold as this could cause the cancellation of a procedure. 

Debbie Timms, Day Surgery & Pre-operative Services Manager at the Trust says: “We do all we can to ensure that patients attend their scheduled appointments.  We ask that our patients help us to keep waiting times low by informing us if they know that they cannot make an appointment.  If we are not told, then other patients are kept waiting for their appointment.” 

*The centre assesses patients for every procedure except ophthalmology. 


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