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STOMA care at TRFT

15 May 2014 08:10:33

Services for over 800 patients in Rotherham with stomas has recently been improved.
A stoma is an opening on the abdomen allowing waste to exit the body, this is surgically performed most commonly for patients with cancer, Colitis and Crohns Disease.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust (TRFT), working with NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), has put changes in place for this group of patients who regularly come into contact with specialist medical professionals and access prescription products to help them manage their condition.
Previously, prescriptions and stoma supplies were ordered through GPs which could be time consuming and problematic as GPs admit their knowledge of stoma products is limited.

Working with Medicines Management the prescribing and managing of stoma prescriptions has been transferred to a centralised prescription service based at Rotherham Community Health Centre under the control of stoma care nurses. This way of working provides a higher quality, cost efficient service with better continuity of care for patients. This way of working is based upon the success of centralising the Trust’s Continence Prescription Service.

Due to the changes, a Health Care Support worker is also now in place to cover the hospital wards allowing the Stoma Care Nurse to provide expert advice, do home visits and allocate time to trouble-shooting and updating products.

Diane Burke, Stoma Care Clinical Nurse Specialist at TRFT, said: “We can now play a much more active role in improving the quality of life of this group of patients.
“Patients have easier access to expert clinical advice, which overall gives them a more positive patient experience.”

This new approach to prescribing is becoming known nationally as the Rotherham Model and Stuart Lakin, Head of Medicines Management at NHS Rotherham CCG and Diane Burke recently presented the model at the Stoma Care Nurses annual general meeting where nurses showed great interest in the excellent services given.


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