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05 May 2016 15:28:59

Rachael Kay, Community Practitioner for the District Nursing Team (Thurcroft), was the winner of the ‘Public Recognition Award’ at the Trust’s 2015 PROUD Awards.

The Public Recognition Award, supported by the Rotherham Advertiser, invites our patients and the public to nominate their healthcare heroes. This award provides a fantastic opportunity to highlight, recognise and thank exceptional individuals and teams within the organisation who have made a really positive contribution to delivering high quality care to patients.

Last year, over 170 nominations were received in this category alone, all of which highlight the exceptional care and services provided to patients, their families, friends and loved ones. A huge ‘well done’ to everyone on this fantastic achievement.

Rachael Kay, Community Practitioner for the District Nursing Team (Thurcroft), was nominated for this award for the care and support she provided for a family and their Mother, who sadly passed away.

Bev Belcher and her family nominated Rachael for this award. Within their nomination they said: “Rachael came into our life at a time we needed her, in the 12 months before my Mum passed away. She enabled us to help keep Mum at home in the last six weeks of her life. She helped us get all the equipment we required and gave us all the support, mentally and physically, to help us through the journey.

“The last time I saw my Mum smile was at Rachael and her ‘bump’, as by this time she was heavily pregnant. This was the day Mum passed away. The support she gave to us was much appreciated. A few weeks after mum’s death she came to check on us, such dedication should be commended.” 

Bev and her family recorded this special message for Rachael to congratulate her on winning the Public Recognition Award. Click HERE to view.

Congratulations also to Angela Morris in the Scarborough Suite and Breast Care Nurses (Macmillan Breast Care) who were the 2015 runners-up of the Public Recognition Award.

Read about more of some of the fantastic achievements of our colleagues on the Trust’s Twitter page, twitter.com/RotherhamNHS_FT or Facebook page www.facebook.com/TheRotherhamNHSFoundationTrust/ 


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