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National NHS Staff survey results announced – see how we are doing in Rotherham

24 Feb 2015 18:14:09

The national NHS staff survey has been published today (Tuesday 24 February 2015). 

The annual survey, which is the largest of its kind in the world, allows Trusts likeThe Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust – as well as the NHS as a whole – to understand what staff think of the way the Trust supports, engages, trains and develops them and allows the Trust to build on the areas where it is doing well and make improvements where things aren’t so good.

The NHS Staff Survey, which was conducted in Autumn 2014 was sent to all colleagues across the Trust and
1,678 took part.

One of the key figures is the engagement score, a complex calculation made up from several components of the survey designed to give an overall position of engagement levels in the Trust.  This year the Trust has improved slightly on its 2014 score, gaining 3.56 (3.54 last year) against the national average of 3.74.  The Trust is already working with staff to identify effective ways to make the Trust a better place to work.

Looking at the survey’s results, there are some key areas where the Trust has done well and which reflect much of the work carried out over the past 18 months:

- The numbers of staff who have had performance development reviews (PDR) over the past year has risen and is 10% above the national average with scores of 95% compared to 85% nationally and 85% last year.  This is a great improvement and one of the key points from the Trust’s 2014/15 action plans following an overhaul of PDR processes to ensure staff could feedback on the role they play here at the Trust  

- The number of colleagues who witnessed potentially harmful errors, near misses or incidents is 28% is lower than 34% nationally

- Additionally, fewer staff experienced discrimination (8% compared with 11% nationally) or experienced bullying, harassment or abuse from patients or members of the public than nationally (25% compared with 29%nationally).  The Trust has a zero tolerance to bullying, harassment or abuse which means that whilst this figure is lower than the national average, it remains an area of focus

- Fewer staff work additional hours than nationally (67% compared with 71% across the rest of England).

The areas where the Trust is working hard to improve over the next year are:

- 86% of colleagues believe that their role makes a difference to patients 86%  compared to 91% nationally

- Staff motivation at work scored 3.68 compared to 3.86 nationally (note: this is not a percentage, this is an engagement score)

- Staff satisfaction with the quality of work and patient care they are able to deliver is 72% compared to 77% nationally

- Colleagues who feel they can contribute towards improvements at work is 63% compared to 68% nationally

- Recommendation of the Trust as a place to work or receive treatment (taken from the national Friends and Family metric) is 3.42 compared to 3.67 (again – a score, not percentage). 

Louise Barnett, Chief Executive said: “The NHS staff survey is very important as it allows us to improve the way we engage, support and develop our people.  It’s right that we invest in our workforce as r
esearch shows us that better engaged colleagues deliver safer patient care. 

This was a key time to assess colleague engagement particularly given that as an organisation, the Trust has faced considerable challenges and change over the last two years. This Trust is made up of dedicated and hard working people who want to make a real difference to the care we give our patients.   

“Our focus remains very clearly on patient safety and the quality of care we give.  Providing support to ensure that colleagues understand what is expected of them has made a positive difference to our scores. 

“We have already started to address issues raised by colleagues in this survey and we will now develop detailed action plans to address each and every area of concern.  Every colleague will have the opportunity to get involved and to tell us how they can feel better about the care given to our patients and how they can help us to
to make TRFT the best possible place to work 

A brief summary of our NHS Staff Survey can be found here: the full survey can be seen here.  


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