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Would you recommend us to friends and family if they needed treatment?

Your feedback is really important to us. We want to hear about your experience of the care you received here at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust either as an inpatient on one of our wards or through visiting our Accident and Emergency (A&E) department.

There are several ways you can tell us what you think:  

 Fill in an online survey here: 

 Ask a member of staff on your ward or in A&E to complete a survey using our hand held electronic touch pads.  

 The Latest Results  

 The Department of Health introduced the Friends and Family Test across all hospitals across the country from April 2013 and The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust (TRFT) uses the test in our adult inpatient wards, in our Maternity areas and in A&E at Rotherham Hospital.  

 The test is given to a patient following their treatment or stay in hospital and asks the patient whether they would recommend the Trust to their friends and family based on their experience. Patients can rate their recommendation on a scale of six options, ranging from 'extremely likely' to 'extremely unlikely' and there is also an opportunity to give their main reasons for their answer.   

 The test is an important opportunity for patients to provide feedback to TRFT on the care and treatment they have received and help us to make positive changes to further improve patient care and experience. 

Our Performance  

 Hospitals will score between -100 and +100 and a score greater than zero means that patients would recommend the hospital (the higher the score the better).  The score is calculated using the proportion of patients who would strongly recommend minus those who would not recommend, or are indifferent.  The Trust wide score is calculated using inpatient and A&E scores only – this is in line with Government requirements.

Recent Friends and Family Test scores for TRFT are below:

  • April 2013: 67 
  • May 2013: 81,  
  • June 2013: 70   
  • July 2013: 76 
  • August 2013: 72  
  • September 2013: 72 
  • October 2013: 77 
  • November 2013: 74  
  • December 2013: 77 
  • January 2014: 73 
  • February 2014: 73
  • March 2014: 73
  • April 2014: 76
  • May 2014: 72
  • June 2014: 77
  • July 2014: 70
  • August 2014: 71
  • September 2014: 68
  • October 2014: 65
  • November 2014: 73

 Inpatients comments : 

 Here is a comment from a recent TRFT inpatient who completed a Friends and Family Test: “From the moment I arrived on the ward, everyone was wonderful; understanding and supportive regardless of their role. A big 'thank you' for all the medical care and the support through quite a scary time. Thank you also to the staff on Keppel.”  


  • April 2013:-9  
  • May 2013: -48 
  • June 2013: 61  
  • July 2013: 64
  • August 2013: 71 
  • September 2013: 74
  • October 2013: 71    
  • November 2013: 74  
  • December 2013: 78 
  • January 2014: 69 
  • February 2014: 65
  • March 2014: 66
  • April 2014: 60
  • May 2014: 55
  • June 2014: 59
  • July 2014: 68
  • August 2014: 74
  • September 2014: 70
  • October 2014: 45
  • November 2014: 51

 A&E comments: 

 Here is a comment from a recent TRFT A&E patient who completed a Friends and Family Test: “On arrival I was seen to very quickly and then the Drs were concerned about other problems and kept me in for more tests and Xrays. The staff in the CDU unit were excellent at all times.”   

 Maternity Services:   

 Since October 2013 TRFT has been collecting Friends and Family scores for its maternity areas and women in TRFT’s Antenatal Ward, Labour Ward, Postnatal Ward and Postnatal Community Services are eligible to complete a survey following their care. The Friends and Family Test scores for maternity services at TRFT are as follows:    

  •  November 2013: 75  
  •  December 2013: 77 
  •  January 2014: 82 
  • February 2014: 80
  • March 2014: 79
  • April 2014: 82
  • May 2014: 80
  • June 2014: 85
  • July 2014: 80
  • August 2014: 86
  • September 2014: 79
  • October 2014: 82
  • November 2014: 83

 Maternity Services comments: 

 Here is a comment from a recent TRFT maternity patient who completed a Friends and Family Test: “Enjoyed the antenatal and breastfeeding workshops - found them to be informative. Always felt at ease with community midwife and when attending Greenoaks for scans and appointments.”    

 For more information about the Family and Friends test please visit www.england.nhs.uk  
General feedback

 If you have any general feedback about the Friends and Family Test that you would like to share you can email: yourexperience@rothgen.nhs.uk.

Or write to:
Public and Patient Involvement
The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
D Level, Rotherham Hospital
Moorgate Road
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 To raise a concern you should email: yourexperience@rothgen.nhs.uk.



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