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How are we governed?

Board of Directors

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust is managed by our Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for the operational management of the Trust and, with input from the Governing Council, sets the direction for the future of the organisation.

Council of Governors

Our Council of Governors is the ‘voice’ of local people and sets the direction for the future of the Trust, based on members’ views.  Members of the trust are elected by their fellow members to sit on the Council of Governors.

Members of the Trust

Anyone can become a Member of the Trust and being a member means you’ll be kept informed about developments at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Hospital and have a say about how the hospital is run. Although most members live in the Rotherham area, it is not a requirement and people from across the country can join. At the moment there are around 11,000 members of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust.


Our Board of Directors meet on a monthly basis and the Council of Governors meet four times a year. For details on corporate committees and meetings click here.

Corporate Documents

We produce a range of corporate documents that are reviewed and revised regularly. Some documents are produced on an annual basis.