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Fundraising - your questions

Q. Is the Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity an official charity?

Yes. It is registered with the Charity Commission and the registration number is 1054407. For more information about our registration, or on the work of the Charity Commission, please visit

Q. Who is responsible for looking after the charitable funds?

The Trust has a Charitable Funds Committee. The Committee is responsible for the day to day arrangements for the charity and acts as an agent for the Corporate Trustee of the charity. The Corporate Trustee, which is The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, is ultimately responsible for ensuring the money is spent efficiently and effectively. There are strict rules about what charitable money can be spent on.

Q. Why do we need to fundraise for Rotherham Hospital?

All healthcare services are funded from central government and The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust endeavours to provide the highest level of service to its patients. Charitable donations however are important in enabling us to provide enhanced services and facilities which improve patients’ experience of being cared for at Rotherham Hospital and in the community. This can include state-of-the-art medical equipment, additional specialist training and resources the NHS could not ordinarily fund.

Q. What will the money I donate be spent on?

We really appreciate every donation, however big or small. The money must be used to improve patient care and facilities and it could therefore be used to support a wide range of initiatives which would not otherwise be available through the NHS.

Q. Can I make a donation to any ward or department?

We appreciate every donation, however big or small. Donations can be designated to a specific ward or department, if donors wish to do so. If you do have a preference and would like your donation to support somewhere specific, you can let us know when you make your donation.

However, giving money without imposing restrictions means we can allocate your donation to where the money will really make a difference to patient care at Rotherham Hospital and in the community. It also ensures we can improve the services in the hospital which are used by any patient or visitor.

Q. Can I say what I want the money to be spent on?

We would love to hear your ideas about what equipment and resources could improve the experience patients of all ages have when being cared for at Rotherham Hospital and in the community.

However, please bear in mind that we do follow strict guidelines set by the Charity Commission about what we can spend the money you raise on.

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