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Due to COVID-19, there are visiting restrictions in place at Rotherham Hospital. Click here for details.


Infection control

Everyone at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust is committed to managing infection. We have one of the lowest MRSA and C.Difficile rates in the country. All patients and visitors can help us to continue this excellent record.


  • Keeping your hands and body clean is important when you are in hospital, make sure that you bring toiletries, including soap, into hospital with you. Do not share or borrow toiletries.
  • Please wash your hands - especially before eating and after using the toilet. There are sinks available in all patient areas and alcohol rub at the end of the beds.
  • Wear slippers when walking around the wards. This keeps your feet clean so that bacteria cannot be transferred from your feet to the bed.
  • Please do not sit on other patients' beds.
  • Help us with our cleaning by keeping your locker top and bed table free of clutter.
  • If you see any dirt, dust or mess either around your bed or in the toilets or bathrooms please report this immediately to a nurse, ward staff or one of the matrons.
  • Please tell staff immediately if your dressing becomes loose or a wound or intravenous drip site becomes sore or painful. 
  • If a member of staff needs to examine you, please do not be afraid to ask them if they have washed their hands or used the alcohol rub.  If they are wearing gloves you can ask if they have changed them since examining the last patient. If you do not feel able to do this please tell the ward sister or matron.


  • Please avoid visiting a patient if you have been suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea or a cold within the last 48 hours.
  • Wash your hands with the alcohol rub provided before entering the ward.
  • Please do not use the patients' toilets, there are separate public toilets available for use.
  • Please do not sit on the beds.
  • Please be aware of the correct visiting times.
  • Please do not bring or send flowers to patients.

Our infection control team

The team consists of the Medical Microbiologists who are Infection Control Doctors, and a team of nurses who provide cover across the hospital and the community. If you have a specific enquiry for the team, please contact patient services using the details on the right.

The Infection Control Nurses, in conjunction with the Consultant Medical Microbiologist, Associate Specialist in Microbiology and the Clinical Scientist are able to provide advice on the clinical management and necessary precautions for patients with infections, the appropriateness of specimen collection and notification where necessary to external bodies such as the Health Protection Agency, TB Specialist Nurse or Neighbourhood Services.