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Some people who come to our clinics may be concerned about who else will know about their visit and how confidential we will keep their records.  The following information should set your mind at ease about confidentiality at our clinics.

We have a VERY strict policy within our department concerning confidentiality.  Some common questions we're asked are:

Will you tell my parents or my GP (doctor)?

No. We won't tell your parents or your doctor. If you are under 18 and we are concerned about your safety, we will talk to you and discuss your options before talking to anyone else about you. 

Will anyone see my records?

No. The notes of anyone who comes to our hospital site clinic are kept on a secure computer in our clinic and are not available to any other hospital staff.  We have a separate computer system from the rest of the hospital, so no-one else can view our files. 

I know someone that works in the hospital. Will people be able to tell who I am from my test samples?

All laboratory samples at the hospital site are processed based on your date of birth and an individual number – no names are used.

Will you mention my name?

The only time we will use your name is to call you in from the waiting room and when we can, we try to use your first name only. We will not give any information to anyone about you or even say that you have visited the clinic when asked.  This includes the police, your relatives, your partner, social workers or any other patients. 

We have a strict confidentiality policy that all of our staff sign and adhere to with sole purpose of ensuring all your information remains confidential.


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