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All smiles for dentist hopeful

25 Jan 2021 10:58:58
Michael Underwood

One of the Trust’s dental patients has been inspired to work in the sector after being treated at Rotherham Hospital. 

Michael Underwood, known as Spike, has been a long-standing dental patient at the Trust and has recently been accepted onto a university programme to train future dentists. 

Michael’s mother, Wendy Underwood, got in touch with Joanne Birdsall, Consultant at the Trust, to tell her about his decision to go into dentistry and said it was due to the amazing treatment and service Michael received as a patient in Rotherham. 

Wendy sent a message to Joanne to thank her for her help with 17-year-old Michael over the years. She wrote: “Just want to thank you for everything you did for Spike. You’ve helped him in his career choice too. He wants to go down the dentistry route.” 

The Swinton Academy student, from Mexborough, has been accepted on to the University of Sheffield’s Discover Dental Professions outreach programme. 

On their social media account, Swinton Academy wrote: “We are so very proud of our Y12 student Michael Underwood who has been accepted on to the University of Sheffield’s Discover Dental Professions outreach programme.” 

Joanne said she was flattered that the Trust had influenced Michael’s decision. 

She added: “I first met Spike in 2013 when he was nine years old, he was a lovely young man who hadn’t grown his front teeth. He was probably one of my trickiest patients as his front teeth were very reluctant to erupt. He did amazingly as he started off very wary and nervous about the treatment.

“We watched him grow into a very intelligent and sensible young man as we aligned his recalcitrant front teeth and then completed alignment of all of the rest of his teeth in 2018. I am really proud to have known Spike and am very flattered that we influenced his career choice as well. He has an amazing smile that he very much deserves after persevering with his treatment.”