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Breathing Space choir restarts for ‘giddy’ singers

29 Nov 2021 10:28:26
Breathing Space choir 2

Breathing Space has kick-started its popular choir again after almost two years.  

The choir, which is designed to help people with chronic respiratory conditions, has been a feature of Breathing Space for years but was forced to stop in 2020 due to Covid-19.  

The Breathing Space choir is made up of people who have gone through the centre’s pulmonary rehabilitation programme and helps participants with breathing exercises. It’s run by husband and wife team, Debbie and Paul Mellors, through their Rainbow Connections Choirs organisation. 

 The choir met on Monday at the Badsley Moor centre, much to the delight of members.  

Service user, Barbara Jackson, said: “I’ve enjoyed it today it’s been lovely. Really lovely. It helps us to breath and get to the bottom of the lungs, which is what we need, otherwise we end up with pneumonia.  

“I’m back at rehab now and all this helps me breathing. It also gets you through winter with the breathing. It’s great.”  

Karen Rimmington said: “It feel absolutely fabulous being back. All of us have been so giddy to start back again because we’re all friends and we haven’t seen one another.”  

Chris Dapper said it’s been fantastic. “I can’t sing but it doesn’t really matter, it’s exercising the lungs isn’t it. It’s going through the process and it’s one of those little things that helps.”  

The choir has performed in various places and one of the last times was for World COPD day, which was in 2019. They are hoping there will be another chance to sing for the public again.  

Karen added: “The first week in December we’ve done two or three concerts with all Debbie and Paul’s other choirs, all the school choirs, such a range from little tots to old crinklies like us. But we’ve had a fabulous time at them.”  

It was clear that the group were happy to be there after such a long time and to meet up with others.   

“You can talk to people on the phone but it’s not like seeing people,” said Karen.  

Jacqui Pollington, Respiratory Nurse Consultant at Breathing Space, said: “We are absolutely thrilled and delighted to welcome our Breathing Space choir back into the building. And to see so many happy people ready to socialise and sing again.”