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Celebrating home births in Rotherham

17 Aug 2021 09:11:10
Home birth collage 2021

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust’s Midwifery Teams celebrated Home Birth Day on 6 June. 

The number of home births in Rotherham is rising every year and Home Birth Day was a chance to highlight this increasingly popular choice as well as the fantastic teams who support the women who choose this option. 

In 2017 there were 14 home births across Rotherham, and in 2020 this number had risen to 47. 

This number is expected to keep rising, particularly now that Rotherham Maternity Services have their own continuity of carer teams on board, which guide women through their options to enable them to make an informed choice. 

We heard from local women who shared their experiences of home births. 

Leah Percival, from Bramley, said she never thought she’d be the sort of person to have a home birth. 

“I’m a massive wimp. But I am so glad I had my baby at home. It is one of the best decisions of my life. When I was pregnant and mentioned I’d be having a home birth I always got the same reply “ooh you’re brave”, but I felt positive about my decision. I had done my research, talked things through with my lovely midwife and completed a hypnobirthing course which was so informative and helpful. 

“I was put under the Willow team of midwives, who have become very special to me. I hired a pool and stocked up on towels and had a plan. My birth was beautiful. I never made it in to the pool, through my own decision at the time. I felt calm, in control and amazed that I birthed my little boy in our bedroom with no intervention. I'm so happy that we didn’t have to worry about driving to hospital through contractions, panicking about parking and not knowing who would deliver my baby. 

“Hollie, my midwife through my pregnancy, delivered my baby. She was such a pillar of support to us through everything. I love telling everyone about my birth. It wasn't scary and was a powerful, not painful, experience. I hope that the next time I have a baby I can have that baby at home too.” 

Ellie-Jae Bingham, from Dinnington, who had her second baby at home, said it was something she had always wanted to do. 

“I never really thought it was a safe possibility until my midwife told me just how safe it really was. Having had a hospital water birth with my first and it all going safe and well she said there was no reason at all why I couldn’t have a home birth. I was over the moon. 

“I hired a pool to have at home (I didn’t end up having her in the pool) but it was just amazing. The midwifes got here superfast with my pain relief. They were both so prepared, friendly and professional, making me feel super at ease and relaxed.  

“With my little girl making such a speedy entrance I didn’t end up using my pool, however I would do it all over again. The vibe and calmness of being in your own surroundings whilst bringing life into the world was literally the most amazing feeling ever. Being able to just go and jump into my own bed, my own fresh clothes and no faffing around in a hospital bag also just made afterbirth super chilled. I would 100 per cent recommend a home birth to anyone who is thinking about one and has been told it’s safe to do so. Home births need to be more normalised and I will shout from the rooftops how amazing and successful mine was, with big thanks to all my midwifes on the Willows team.”


Caption: Left, Ellie’s partner Luke with baby Arias and sibling Noah, and right Leah, partner Adam and baby Asher.