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Portrait of a hero

13 May 2021 12:27:43
Captain Tom painting

A local painter has donated a portrait of Captain Sir Tom Moore to the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust’s Acute Surgical Unit (ASU). 

Chris Hawke, whose partner Kathy Keedy works on ASU as a Healthcare Assistant, said he wanted to do something for staff and visitors to the hospital and as a tribute to Captain Sir Tom. 

The 100-year-old, who inspired the country during the COVID-19 pandemic, passed away in February 2020. Last week would have been his 101st birthday and the memories of his achievements are still inspiring people today. 

Kathy said: “Chris wanted to do something of significance and something that brought comfort to people in the horrible year we have just had. Although Sir Tom has sadly passed he brought hope, inspiration and smiles on even the darkest of our days.” 

Kathy added: “Many of the staff were so touched when I brought it in and I was so proud that Chris had done such an amazing, heartfelt picture. He does a lot of work around portraits but this was one of his finest pieces of work, so heartfelt and made with purpose and for us all to remember. As Sir Tom used to say, tomorrow will be a good day.”

Lee White, Matron for Surgery and Urology, said he has been fortunate enough and very proud to work with a fantastic team of staff.   

He said: “Covid-19 has indeed took its toll on all healthcare workers, so when one of our team’s husband painted this picture of Captain Sir Tom Moore and presented it to the unit, it had to go up in prime position. ASU sees around 700-800 patients a month, so to see his face as you walk on the unit is indeed a lift in spirits to everyone. Every time I see it I smile.”