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Respect – it works both ways

25 Aug 2021 13:20:27

Colleagues at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust are asking members of the public to treat each other and healthcare staff with respect as Covid restrictions are eased.

Visiting healthcare services can lead to heightened emotions as people are worried, scared or upset, but this can sometimes lead to discrimination, violence or aggression.

Michael Wright, Deputy Chief Executive of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We respect the diverse community we serve and we are proud that we have a diverse and inclusive workforce. We expect our colleagues to be treated with respect in return.

“Our colleagues are providing care to patients in the hospital, community and in patients’ own homes and they should not have to put up with any form of physical or verbal abuse. Similarly, we will not tolerate this sort of behaviour towards our patients or their families.”

Tony Bennett, Security Manager at the Trust, said: “We work closely with South Yorkshire Police and unacceptable behaviour will be reported. In some cases it could lead to treatment being refused.”

In 2020, the Trust launched its ‘Call it out, work it out’ initiative where any member of the public or staff can anonymously report incidents of discriminatory behaviour or language towards staff or patients on any of its sites across the borough, through an online form at:,_work_it_out!/.

The Trust also signed up to the NHS Rainbow Badge scheme as a way that patients, families and colleagues can be assured that the Trust is inclusive and non-judgemental for people who are LGBT+.

Alongside these initiatives, the Trust is Autism accredited and dementia friendly, and has arrangements in place for those who may need additional assistance, such as interpreters.

The Trust has launched a new video providing reassurance that colleagues will treat patients and each other with respect, and asking for the same in return: