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Good Visitor Guide

We've put together this guide to help anyone visiting a patient at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust.

Hand gel

The hand gel is provided for everyone to use. Please use the gel on entering and leaving the ward. Children should only use the gel under supervision of their parents or guardian.


Parents and guardians, please remember it is your responsibility to supervise your children at all times. Do not allow them to run around.


Please do not touch any of the machinery as this may cause faults or false readings and/or be dangerous to you or others.

Sitting on beds

Please do not sit on beds as this can lead to cross infection.


Please remember we have to respect the privacy and dignity of all patients. Click here for our current visiting policy.  Noise levels should be kept to a minimum to enable all patients and visitors to enjoy their time together and also to allow other patients to rest.  We will ask any uncooperative visitors to leave. 

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