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Due to COVID-19, there are visiting restrictions in place at Rotherham Hospital. Click here for details.


Visiting times at Rotherham Hospital

Visiting times at Rotherham Hospital do vary across wards so please check below for the ward you are visiting. If you are unsure please contact switchboard on 01709 820000 to check with the relevant ward.

Adult general wards :

Visiting times for adult general wards are approximately the following. Please contact the ward for exact times via our Switchboard: 01709 820000

  •     3.30 pm to 4.30 pm
  •     6.30 pm to 8.00 pm

Two visitors (including children) are allowed at a bedside at any one time. If you wish to bring children under the age of 12 please seek permission from the senior nurse in advance.

  • If you need to visit at a different time, please speak to the nurse in charge.
  • The wards encourage visitors to assist the person they are visiting at meal times, if appropriate. Please speak to a member of the nursing staff if you would like to assist.

Critical Care (ITU and HDU) visiting times:

On the Intensive Care Unit (ITU) there are few restrictions on visiting times, visiting is encouraged. However, we do have a rest period between 4pm and 6pm when the patient is able to have a quiet time with minimal disturbances.

Visiting the High Dependancy Unit (HDU) is restricted to:

  • 1pm to 3.30pm
  • 6pm to 8pm

Only two visitors are allowed to each patient at one time. Please limit visiting to immediate family only. This is at the next of kins discretion. Prior permission is needed from the nurse-in-charge of HDU and ITU before children are allowed to visit.

For more information please see our Visitors guide to Intensive Care and High Dependancy Units.

Individual ward visiting times

For the following units please see their individual ward notice boards for visiting times or contact them on the numbers below. They may be different from those stated above.

  • MAU (Admissions unit) -  call 01709 42 4322
  • Wards B10 and B11 (Maternity) - visit the Maternity web page
  • Child Health / Children's Wards - please call switchboard on 01709 820000

For more information about visiting a friend or family member in hospital, please see our Good Visitor Guide.

For information about preventing the spread of infections when visiting the hospital, please see Infection control.