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Freedom of information

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust is committed to the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

However, the NHS is facing unprecedented challenges relating to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic at the current time.  Understandably, our resources have been diverted to support our front-line colleagues who are working tremendously hard to provide care for our patients, and to those in need of our services.

We strive to be transparent and to work with an open culture.  But at this time, whilst care of our patients and the safety of our staff takes precedent, it is likely that responses to some requests for information will be delayed.  We apologise for this position in advance, and will endeavour to provide you with as much information as we can, as soon as we are able.

The Information Commissioners Office has recognised the current situation in the NHS.

The Freedom of Information Act

From January 1 2005 the Freedom of Information Act means you can ask us for any information we hold.  We'll deal with requests in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act Code of Practice.  You can read more about this and related policies by downloading the related documents at the foot of this page.

Information about the Trust

Please check this website for the information you are seeking before formally making a request to the Trust.  Our services and the information we publish regularly are outlined in our Publication Scheme.

How to request information

Firstly, please check the contents of our FOI Disclosure Log as your question may have already been answered.  The contents are updated regularly with more recent responses.

You can ask us whether we hold information on a specific area and then request copies of the information itself. All requests must come in writing and include an address to which we can respond. A clear and specific description of the information must be included in your request. Unclear requests cannot be processed.

Requests can be emailed to the Freedom of Information Team at or made in writing to the FOI Team at the address on the right. 

Requests for Records or information on individuals (including legal requests) is not available via the Freedom of Information Team - please contact for further assistance.

How long will it take for us to get the information to you?

We aim to respond to your request within 20 working days. If circumstances stop us from meeting this timescale (i.e. considering an exemption), we will;

  • apologise
  • explain the reason for the delay
  • give you an estimate of how long it will take to meet your request.

Our response will firstly state whether or not we hold the information you are seeking. In the majority of cases, if we hold the information we will send it to you. Some information is subject to exemption under the Freedom of Information Act. For example, if the information has commercial interest. Where an exemption is considered appropriate we will outline why.

Does it cost to make a freedom of information request?

We are allowed to charge for copying the materials that you have requested although we usually won't.  If we are considering charging you, we will contact you to find out whether you still want to proceed with the request. 

Access to your records or clinical information is still covered by the Data Protection Act (General Data Protection Regulation) and different procedures apply. Find out about Patient Confidentiality.


Please check the contents of the responses published within the disclosure log before making a request. 

If your question remains unanswered then contact us:

Freedom of Information Team   

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust 
Rotherham Hospital
Moorgate Road
S60 2UD