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What is the Council of Governors?

Our Council of Governors is the ‘voice’ of local people and helps set the direction for the future of the hospital and community services, based on our Members’ views.

What is a Governor?

Members of the trust are elected by their fellow Members to sit on the Council of Governors. The Council of Governors is made up of patients, public, staff and partner representatives:

  • There are sixteen Public Governors elected by Members of the Trust. All our Public Governors can be contacted via  Please make it clear in your email which public governor you are trying to contact.
  • There are five Staff Governors – these are elected by staff at the Trust.
  • There are seven Governors who are nominated from partner organisations. One of these Governors must be a representative from the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council. The remaining six aren't statutory and come from a range of organisations.

The Public Constituency

There are two public constituencies. One reflects the whole of Rotherham and one constituency represent the rest of England i.e. outside the Rotherham boundary. The map below illustrates the position.
Map of Rotherham Borough 

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Are you interested in becoming a Governor?

If you would like to get more involved with your local hospital and help shape the services they provide through becoming a Governor, please click here.