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Virtual Clinics


In response to a request from the Clinical Referrals Management Group, Rotherham Hospital has developed a dedicated virtual clinic for Clinical Haematology patients.

Clinical Haematology Virtual Clinic

What is a virtual clinic?

Suitable for any patient for whom GPs may require initial discussion and advice, but not necessarily a direct referral to secondary care, the virtual clinic provides a direct contact to named Consultants by email or telephone at specified times each week. This service is available for patients who are new to the service or re-presenting (i.e. those who have been seen previously and then discharged). 

Which patients should be considered for the virtual clinic?

The clinic is ideally suited to those patients whom GPs would like to discuss, or seek advice on regarding investigation or management.  GPs may make up to two contacts per patient, including an initial contact and, as necessary, a follow-up contact to discuss results or new developments.   

If further contact is required, it is likely that an ordinary clinic referral would then be appropriate. 

How do I access the virtual clinic?

Virtual Haematology Clinic:   

Provided by:      Dr Arun Alfred MRCP FRCPath and Dr Richard Went MRCP FRCPath, Consultant Haematologists

Available:          Wednesdays 13.00 – 17.00. 

Telephone:        01709 428067


When the virtual clinic is closed there will be a recorded message containing information about when the clinics are available. 

What about urgent referrals and existing outpatients?

Urgent or obvious indications for secondary care should be referred in one of the usual, direct ways (i.e. electronic booking system, paper/faxed referral letter or, for very urgent problems, by telephone call to the Consultant of choice/Specialist Registrar).  Similarly, communications about existing outpatients should be channelled to the patient’s Consultant or Specialty Registrar via the usual telephone or bleep numbers. 

How will patient information be recorded?

For the telephone consultations, a short report summarising the discussion will be emailed and/or posted to the GP concerned by the Consultant.  This document will also be retained electronically/on paper, for the patient’s hospital records.

Please note: Any emails containing information about patients that are sent to the above email accounts must come from a secure NHS email account.   

What will happen after the pilot?

During the pilot, GPs who use the virtual clinic and the Consultants providing them will have the opportunity to feedback any benefits or improvements for the service. The virtual clinic will then be reviewed and if successful will continue.

If you have any comments please contact the Consultants named above via the details provided.

Rotherham Hospital Virtual Clinic is a pilot service set up for Rotherham GPs and will only accept referrals from GP practices registered with NHS Rotherham.  

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Rheumatology Virtual Clinic

The Rheumatology Virtual Clinic Pilot Service, which began in May 2012, was discontinued at the end of December 2012, as requested by the Clinical Referrals Management Group.   


Virtual Clinic consultants