Maternity services

Maternity services

We provide maternity care at Rotherham Hospital and throughout the community.  

We offer a wide range of services and facilities:


Community Midwifery
Antenatal booking
Antenatal care 
Antenatal classes
Health and wellbeing promotion
Personalised care and support plans

Specialist midwives
Smoking in pregnancy
Vulnerability - teenage pregnancy and perinatal mental health
Infant feeding
Birth in Mind support service - childbirth reviews with specialist midwives

Labour and birth
9 en-suite birthing rooms
Birthing pool
Variety of induction methods
24-hour maternity triage
24-hour epidural service
Obstetric theatre
Enhanced Maternity care
24-hour consultants
Snowdrop bereavement suite
Fetal wellbeing specialist midwife

Hospital-based wards and services
Wharncliffe is the name of our antenatal and postnatal ward
Neonatal Unit (previously known as the Special Care Baby Unit)
Antenatal day unit
Antenatal clinic (based at Greenoaks)

Post-pregnancy services
Routine postnatal care
Infant feeding drop-in sessions
Contraception advice

If you are concerned about your own or your baby’s wellbeing, call our maternity triage line on 01709 427700 (available 24 hours a day)

In an emergency, call 999

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