Pregnancy Advisory Service

If you would like to talk about your options for terminating a pregnancy (also known as an abortion), you can self-refer to the Pregnancy Advisory Service, based at Rotherham Hospital. 


When you contact us, we will take some details and arrange a consultation (which can be over the telephone or face-to-face). The first consultation will be a conversation where we will find out more about you and your medical history, and discuss what options are available to you. 

If you decide to have a termination (abortion), this will be arranged for another day.

All information is confidential and we would not inform your GP routinely. 

Attending the clinic

After your first consultation, an appointment will be arranged for you at the clinic in Rotherham Hospital. This may involve meeting staff, having blood tests and an ultrasound scan. 

You may be able to begin the termination the same day, depending on a number of factors and your chosen method. 

We will discuss future contraception options

We can refer you to a counselling service should you wish. 

Methods of termination

The method of termination will depend on how many weeks into your pregnancy you are on the day of your procedure. In most cases, there are medical and surgical options available. 

Less than 10 weeks pregnant

When suitable, both medical and surgical methods will be offered.

Medical termination involves taking two tablets, 48 hours apart, to cause an abortion. Depending on your medical history and personal circumstances, this method can be offered at home or in hospital. 

Surgical termination involves a procedure to remove the pregnancy, either under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic (when medicines are used to send you to sleep). You can normally go home soon afterwards. 

10 to 17 weeks and 6 days pregnant

If you choose the medical termination, this will be done in hospital (not at home). 

If you choose the surgical termination, this would be done under a general anaesthetic (when medicines are used to send you to sleep).  

18 weeks pregnant or over

We can only offer terminations up to 17 weeks and 6 days in to the pregnancy. If you would like a termination after 18 weeks, we would refer you to another hospital/unit. 

Pregnancy Advisory Service

Phone: 01709 424542

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