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Podiatry Team

The podiatry team is made up of podiatrists and podiatry assistants who are responsible for delivering podiatry services within community and acute clinics, some GP practices and patient’s homes if they are housebound. The podiatry service is clinically based and provides treatment within the Rotherham area.

The podiatry department offers a range of treatments/services depending upon the individual patient clinical needs.

Services offered by the Podiatry department

New Patient Assessment

All new referrals are triaged and assessed based on the information entered on the application form. It is important to make sure all details about your medical conditions and the medication you are taking are completed correctly. New patients will be assessed according to their medical and podiatric need using priority criteria. An appropriate treatment plan will be created according to the patient’s medical and podiatric needs which will be agreed upon by the podiatrist and the patient. If required appropriate follow up care will be arranged by the podiatrist.

Routine Podiatry Treatment

Routine podiatry treatment will be provided to patients who meet the priority criteria. Self care is an important part of the treatment plan to maintain your independence and mobility. Health care advice will be given throughout your treatments. Routine treatments will be offered at the podiatry clinic most convenient to the patient.

Domiciliary Visits

Domiciliary visits for routine podiatry are only available to patients who meet the required criteria.

Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is a minor operation which is routinely carried out to treat painful toenail conditions such as involuted, thickened and ingrown toenails. The procedure involves removal of either part of or the entire painful toenail. The nail bed/matrix is treated to prevent unwanted painful regrowth. The procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic to ensure the patients do not feel any pain during the surgery. Patients will be given re-dressing appointments.


The biomechanics department is based at the Rotherham Community health Centre. The biomechanics team assesses a range of foot and lower limb conditions which include, foot and ankle, leg and lower back pain. The clinical assessment may include joint assessments as well as gait analysis. The patient is required to attend their appointment with a skirt or a pair of shorts to enable easy observation of the legs. The treatment program may include an exercise regime, orthotic devices, footwear modification, steroid injection therapy or acupuncture. The provision of orthotic devices would require the patient to attend with appropriate low heeled footwear with an effective fastener, for example lace up, velcro or buckle fastener.


The Diabetes Podiatry Service is based at The Diabetes Education & Resource Centre at Rotherham Hospital as part of the Integrated Diabetes Specialist Team.

The podiatry team provides a specialist clinical service to the:
• Diabetes Centre
• Diabetes Out-patient Clinics
• Multi Disciplinary Diabetic Foot Ulcer Clinic

Diabetic foot care emergencies such as:
• New ulceration
• Swelling
• Discolouration
• Infection
• Acute Charcot foot
In these instances patients should be referred to the multidisciplinary team within 24 hours (NICE NG19) or to the Accident and Emergency Department.

The multidisciplinary team will:
• Review lower limb circulation and promptly refer patients who may benefit from revascularisation
• Provide specialist wound management with appropriate dressings and sharp debridement where indicated
• Provide intensive systemic antibiotic therapy as clinically indicated
• Provide pressure relief such as Aircast Walkers or Softcast slipper or heel casts
• Provide specialist footwear as required
• Arrange further management as ‘ high risk’ when ulcer healed.  

Podiatric Surgery

The podiatric surgery department is based at Rotherham Community Health Centre. This surgical unit provides day case invasive foot and ankle surgery under local anaesthesia. Podiatric Surgery is led by Allied Health Professional Consultant Podiatric Surgeon Gary Boon, the surgical team consists of an Extended Scope Podiatrist, an Assistant Practitioner and a Theatre Assistant.

Conditions treated in podiatric surgery:
• Hallux Valgus (Bunions)
• Hallux Rigidus (Stiff Big Toe Joints)
• Digital Deformities (e.g. hammer, retracted toes)
• Soft Tissue Lesions (e.g. Neuroma, Lipoma, Ganglion)
• Exostoses (boney growths)
• Joint Replacement Surgery
• Reconstructure Surgery 

Contact us: 

Podiatry Department

Telephone: 01709 423200  


Rotherham Community Health Centre
Greasbrough Road
Rotherham, S60 1RY