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Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the operational management of the hospital and, with the participation from the Council of Governors, sets the strategic direction of the Trust.

The Board of Directors is comprised of full-time Executive and part-time Non-Executive Directors who manage the Trust. Our Non-Executive Directors were appointed because of their business skills and experience and strong links with the local community, and our Executives were appointed because of their business focus and operational/management experience within and outside the health sector, as a result we consider our Board of Directors to be balanced, complete and appropriate. 

Who is on the Board of Directors?

The Board is made up of executive and non-executive directors. Executive Directors work full-time for the Trust, whilst the Non-executive Directors are appointed by the Council of Governors and give at least three days a month by attending Board meetings and working on specific projects. Non-executive Directors are appointed for three years.

The following people are on our Board of Directors:

Non-Executive Directors:

Martin Havenhand, Chairman 

Nicola Bancroft                                                                 

Mark Edgell 

Lynn Hagger 

Heather Craven

Michael Smith

Dr Rumit Shah 

Michael Killick

Associate Non-Executive Director:

Kamran Malik

Executive Directors:

Dr Richard Jenkins, Interim Chief Executive 

Michael Wright, Deputy Chief Executive

Angela Wood, Chief Nurse 

Dr Callum Gardner, Executive Medical Director

Stuart Diggles, Interim Director of Finance

Steven Ned, Joint Director of Workforce

George Briggs, Chief Operating Officer


Non-Voting Board Members:

Julie Dawes, Interim Director of Corporate Affairs

Ian Hinitt, Director of Estates and Facilities

Sally Kilgariff, Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Emma Parkes, Interim Director of Communications

James Rawlinson, Director of Health Informatics

Louise Tuckett, Director of Strategy, Planning and Performance

Our constitution outlines how Non-Executive Directors are appointed and the roles and responsibilities for Executive Directors. Our  Register of Interest outlines any outside interests that our Directors may have.