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Nursing Compass Programme

The Nursing Compass Programme is a 12 month rotation programme and consists of four placements in medicine, surgery and community. The aim of the programme is that you will have the opportunity to experience working in the acute and community setting, gaining experience in specialist areas whilst enhancing your clinical skills and knowledge that you will be able to share with your teams, and develop long-term working relationships with your cohort to build a sustainable workforce for the future.

Throughout the programme you will have access to the preceptorship programme (if you are newly qualified), start your mentorship in practice qualification and receive training in extended clinical skills. You will also have the opportunity to work with senior nursing colleagues within the organisation and in your final leadership placement, the opportunity to work with specialist teams such as infection prevention and control, transfer of care, site management and practice development as well as being able to understand the operational element of working within a busy Trust.

The Adaptation Compass Programme is aimed at Registered Nurses who have worked in settings other than acute care for some time (e.g. care home) who now aspire to return to acute nursing care in hospital. It offers a fantastic opportunity to support the transition back into caring for patients in an acute hospital setting. The six month rotational programme consists of acute medical, surgical and emergency nursing. It aims to further develop your knowledge and skills in the care of acutely ill patients. Beginning with a preparation for acute clinical practice induction, the six month programme offers three placement experiences and two separate weeks’ special interest placements.

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Shared Lives Carers

Rotherham Council is looking for Shared Lives Carers in Rotherham who can provide care, support and accommodation in their own home to adults with additional support needs. This could either be through day care support, respite care or on a long term basis supporting them to live a full and meaningful life with you and your family. 

Shared Lives Carers are offered training and support from the Shared Lives team. Shared Lives Carers are self-employed and paid an allowance for the support they provide.

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