Our values, vision and strategy

Our values - ambitious, caring, together - underpin our vision and strategic ambitions.

Our colleagues embody these values each and every day.

Vision, Values, Strategy - 3 building blocks.

In 2022, we launched our strategy for 2022-2027, Our new journey, together, which builds on our values of Ambitious, Caring and Together (ACT).

The strategy sets out our vision: 

We will always ACT the right way and be PROUD to provide exceptional healthcare to the communities of Rotherham.

The strategy also sets out our strategic ambitions over this period:

Patients - We will be proud that the quality of care we provide is exceptional, tailored to people's needs and delivered in the most appropriate setting for them.

Rotherham - We will be proud to act as a leader within Rotherham, building healthier communities and improving the life chances of the population we serve. 

Our partners - We will be proud to collaborate with local organisations to build strong and resilient partnerships that deliver exceptional, seamless patient care. 

Us - We will be proud to be colleagues in an inclusive, diverse and welcoming organisation that is simply a great place to work.

Delivery - We will be proud to deliver our best every day, providing high quality, timely and equitable access to care in an efficient and sustainable organisation.

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