Tiny Toes appeal

Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity’s Tiny Toes appeal aims to raise £150,000 to create a home from home for our most vulnerable patients and their families.

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Around 10% of babies are born prematurely, and here in Rotherham we care for more than 400 premature and poorly babies each year.

The average pregnancy lasts around 40 weeks, but the Neonatal Unit (also known as the Special Care Baby Unit) at Rotherham Hospital care for youngsters born from as little as 27 weeks.

Babies can spend anywhere from a few days to six months on the unit, meaning it becomes a second home for parents riding a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with hope and anxiety. While nothing can prepare them for their time on the Neonatal Unit, we can make their experience more bearable.

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Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity
Rotherham Hospital
Moorgate Road
S60 2UD

Phone: 01709 426821
Email: trft.rhcc@nhs.net 

Creating a homely, welcoming and modern unit

The Trust's plans for the refurbishment and expansion of the unit promise to transform the experience of neonatal care for thousands of families from Rotherham and beyond. Meanwhile the charity will provide the special touches that really do create a home from home.

Alongside our caring, compassionate and skilled colleagues, families can expect to find:

  • Refurbished bedrooms where they are welcome to stay with their little one.
  • A renovated kitchen and family room where they can prepare food, eat and involve their baby's siblings more easily.
  • Recliner chairs beside each cot so they can sleep close to their precious newborn.
  • Sensory equipment and lights which help their baby's neuro development. We hope this will include mood lighting, portable sensory lights, toys and a sensory projector.
  • Cot-side lockers to allow them to store their belongings, clothes and keepsakes while personalising their baby's space on the unit.
  • Toys and books for their baby's siblings to enjoy while they get to know their new brother or sister.
  • A quiet room where families and staff can gain some respite from the bleeping machines and busy ward environment.

Your support will have a big impact on tiny lives

With your help, we can reach our ambitious target of £150,000.

What your donations could fund

£500 - a pram and car seat

A combined pram and car seat will allow parents to transport their baby to appointments around the hospital or on short walks, just like any other parent would.

£1,200 - a recliner chair

Comfortable chairs will support mums as they breastfeed and will allow parents to sleep close to their baby's cot. We need 16 of these!

£1,500 - sensory equipment

Sensory equipment and lights will help babies with neuro development issues. This could include mood lighting, portable sensory lights and toys, and a sensory projector.

£1,500 - a camera and printer

We want to help parents make special memories and to celebrate their baby's milestones. Families can be with us for weeks or months, so showcasing their time with us is so important.

£2,250 - toys, books and games consoles for siblings

Visiting the neonatal unit can be a daunting experience. Books, toys and games consoles will help siblings feel calmer and more comfortable on the ward.

£3,500 - parent room furniture

Furniture will help provide a cosy, welcoming home from home. Break out facilities are essential so parents can grab refreshments, meet other family members and can 'room in' comfortably as they prepare to go home.

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