Trust shows empathy with #CallMe initiative

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has pledged to support #CallMe; a campaign to address patients in the way they prefer.

Hospital wristband on a person's arm showing their first name as Henry and preferred name as Harry

Many people go through life being referred to as something other than their registered name. Maybe you’re Samantha, but known as Sam, or you’re known by your middle or nickname. Hospitals are no different as people are identified in many ways including NHS number, date of birth, hospital number and name.

#CallMe aims to establish from the outset how patients like to be addressed, regardless of what is on their notes.

Patients attending services provided by the Trust will now be able to indicate their preferred name to staff. For hospital inpatients, the preferred name will be printed on the patient wristband.

Cindy Storer, Deputy Chief Nurse, said: “We are dedicated to improving our patients’ experience and showing that we respect their identities. Those visiting healthcare settings can feel a range of emotions, and we hope this initiative will give comfort and reassurance to patients and family at what can be a vulnerable time.

“We are putting our patients first and this initiative is simple but very important. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference.”

The Call Me project was originally conceived by Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and has since been adopted by a number of organisations around the country.