Children's Wards 48 hour open access

You have been given this information because your child can have 48 hour open access to the Children’s Ward or Children’s Assessment Unit (CAU).

What is open access?

Open access means that your child can come back to the ward directly up to 48 hours from discharge (leaving the ward). Please call the ward on 01709 424271 or 01709 424053 before returning, to ensure that we are prepared for you. Sometimes we can give telephone advice which means your child doesn’t have to be re-admitted. We will ask you questions on the phone call to see if coming back to the ward is necessary. If the wards are full, we will advise you on whether to attend your GP practice or the Urgent and Emergency Care Centre (UECC).

What should I do if my child requires urgent medical attention?

If you are very worried about your child, feel that they may require an ambulance and/or that they may require emergency medical attention, please call 999 or go straight to UECC (A&E) - DO NOT bring them to the Children’s Ward or CAU.

What should I do after the 48 hour period if my child is unwell?

After 48 hours from being discharged, you will not be able to come straight back to the Children’s Ward or CAU. If after 48 hours you are still concerned about your child, you will need to seek appropriate help, such as contacting your GP.

How to contact us

Children’s Ward
Telephone: 01709 424271

Children’s Assessment Unit
Telephone: 01709 424053

Children's Wards 48 hour open access
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