Dental intravenous (IV) sedation: Instructions for a patient / parent / carer after sedation

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If you have had sedation via a drip into a vein you may feel relaxed/sleepy afterwards. This is quite normal but you have to have someone with you for 24 hours afterwards.

You might have numb lips, cheeks and/or tongue after any local anaesthetic. Please be careful not to bite your cheeks, lips or tongue.

Please avoid any strenuous physical exercise (e.g. cycling / football / running etc.) for 24 hours afterwards, especially if you have had any teeth taken out.

For the next 24 hours a person who has had IV sedation should not:

  • drive a vehicle, ride a bicycle, operate machinery or use household appliances
  • cross the road unsupervised
  • drink alcohol
  • take sleeping tablets
  • go to school/college or work
  • make any irreversible decisions, sign legal documents or use social media
  • be responsible for any minors/others dependent on care

Please return home immediately with your escort, by private car or taxi.


Continue to take your medications as normal unless you are advised differently.

Special precautions

The dentist will advise you of any precautions to take (e.g. what to do after a tooth extraction).

Completion of treatment

After the treatment you need is completed, you will be discharged back to the dentist who referred you for treatment. If you have any problems after this point, you need to contact your original dentist in the first instance, or 111.

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