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You will be given a heart failure monitoring record. Use this information to help you complete your record. 

Welcome to Rotherham Heart Failure Service

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our service and other services that you may wish to access or be referred to, by your Heart Failure Specialist Nurse to complement your treatment.

You will be seen by a heart failure specialist nurse who is an expert in heart failure. Following assessment by the heart failure specialist nurse you will receive an individualised management plan aimed at optimising your treatment. This often involves making changes or adding to your current medication and referral to other services.

You will receive an appointment to attend the heart failure specialist nurse clinic. The clinic may be at a local clinic near your home, at Rotherham Community Health Centre or you may be offered a telephone or video consultation. Home visits are only reserved for patients who are seriously ill and unable to attend clinic.

If you are stable, you will be discharged back to your GP with a management plan for him/her to follow, however you are encouraged to ring the service if you encounter any problems associated with heart failure. Continue to monitor for any signs and symptoms of fluid retention and to report any signs or symptoms of fluid retention to your GP or heart failure specialist nurse. This is extremely important as early intervention to treat fluid retention may help to prevent a significant deterioration in your condition and also avoid hospital admission. It may be helpful to have your own Blood Pressure machine.

You will also receive an Early Warning System scoring tool - to make it easier for you to identify fluid retention which is the main symptom of heart failure. We will explain how to use this tool. Remember, it is important for you to measure daily weights and that any sudden increases and/or associated symptoms of breathlessness should be reported as soon as possible.

We will ask for your email address, we will then send you a selection of online educational links to resources related to your condition, which have been created by the team at Rotherham. Education and information is a vital part of your treatment and aims to increase your knowledge, confidence and understanding of Heart Failure and management of the condition. If you do not have access to the internet, we will provide the education at your appointment and give you the written information along with a DVD.

Pumping Marvellous

Pumping Marvellous is a charity which provides telephone and electronic (email, Facebook, Twitter) support for patients specifically with heart failure. We suggest you contact “pumping marvellous” as soon as you are diagnosed with heart failure or referred to the service, however you can do so at any point of your treatment to speak to someone who has heart failure and understands what you are going through. There is a card provided in the pack we provide with the contact details on.

Support Group

We have a local Heart Support Group, which meets monthly at the Rotherham Community Hub, 38 College Street (opposite the BHF Shop), Rotherham S60 1AF. This group is run by patients with cardiac conditions including heart failure and provides valuable social support including social activities and events. It is important to meet other people who have similar stories to yourself so that you do not feel isolated or alone. You can ring the support group for more information on 07545093679 or 01709 423257.

The Hospice

If the hospice conjures up ideas of cancer and dying, please let us change your mind! The hospice provides a very important component of your treatment. The hospice helps with symptom management including breathlessness and tiredness. The hospice is an excellent resource that we may refer to, to assist with symptom control quite early on in your treatment.

Please contact us for more details on 01709 423257.

Thank you! The Heart Failure Team, Rotherham

How to recognise fluid retention and what to do

Heart failure is the reduction in the heart’s ability to pump blood around the body.

How to recognise fluid retention

  • Get weighed daily at the same time of day, morning before breakfast
  • Has your weight increased by 3-4lb overnight or over 2-3 days?
  • Are your ankles/legs swollen or more swollen?
  • Do you get breathless when lying flat and need more pillows?
  • Do you wake up breathless in the night?
  • Are you generally more breathless?

Please telephone the Heart Failure Specialist Nurse or GP for advice.

Watching your weight

Weigh yourself every morning and note the weight on your record.

  • Make sure you weigh yourself after going to the toilet, but before breakfast, and before you get dressed each morning.
  • Always use the same scales, on a solid surface.

If your weight starts to go up quickly, and you have put on 3-4lb overnight or over 2-3 days, telephone the Heart Failure Specialist Nurse as soon as you are able. This may mean you have a build up of water in your body.

Contact information

Telephone: 01709 423257

Email: rgh-tr.rotherhamcardiacteam@nhs.net

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