Liver nurse specialists


This page provides information about the Liver Nurse Specialist role and how they can support you with liver disease.

How Liver Nurse Specialists are there for you

Liver Nurse specialists are there to make sure your care is co-ordinated and that you feel fully supported and informed. Nurse-led services include:

  • Nurse led clinics (face to face and telephone clinics)
  • Fibro scan clinics
  • Inpatient visits following ward referrals
  • Medication management
  • Blood result monitoring
  • Liver helpline support
  • Health education and promotion to both patients, their families & carer’s and colleagues
  • Day case paracentesis service

The Liver Specialist Nurses run a ‘Liver Helpline’ to answer any queries or speak to you if you are feeling unwell.

Liver helpline open: Monday to Friday, 8.30am until 4.30pm
Telephone: 01709 428404
If you leave an answerphone message, we aim to respond within 72 hours.

Please be mindful that there may be periods of annual leave and sickness where the helpline is not covered.

The liver nurses will be able to discuss behaviours which can improve liver disease such as:

  • trying to maintain a healthy weight
  • not drinking too much alcohol

IMPORTANT: People do not have to drink excessive amounts of alcohol to damage their health. Regularly drinking over the UK recommended guidelines can be harmful.

How to contact us

Liver Nurse Specialist
The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
Gastroenterology Department
Rotherham Hospital
Moorgate Road
S60 2UD
Telephone: 01709 428404

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